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1. Also see From Bleeding Hearts to Critical Thinking: Exploring the Issue of Human Trafficking Edited by Kamala Kempadoo and Darja Davydova

Essay by Carol Leigh Page 4 – Collateral Damage: Sex Workers and The Anti-Trafficking Campaigns
“…The issue of sex trafficking is portrayed simplistically, in black and white terms, with a clear bad guy, innocent victim, and savior. Often these films focus on the extreme, and least common, form of trafficking: a minor being abducted of f the street and transported violently across national borders to be sold at auction. These films focus on criminal perpetrators and criminal-justice solutions, rather than on the broader systemic causes of sex trafficking, like globalization, economic inequality, poverty, and ethnic, race, and gender oppressions….”

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3. News and Commentary Based on this Project:

Anti-trafficking campaigns, sex workers and the roots of damage 

Anti-Trafficking Industrial Complex Awareness Day

The Sex Worker Media Library presents a yearly a round-up of issues that brought attention to the human rights impact of the anti-trafficking regime.
2015 Edition
2016 Edition