Feminist Theory- Deconstructing Anti-Trafficking Framework(s)

I ran across this speech a few years ago. I was surprised and actually amused at CM’s extremely retro sensibility about sex (from 2009). I was struck by her subdued outrage, as she explained that “…in prostitution, women have sex with men they would never otherwise have sex with…” Her analysis seemed displaced in time, as if there had never been any discourse about the confinement and suppression of women’s sexual activities and expression.

This reveals an important element in the deconstruction of ‘anti-trafficking’ in the way it relates to prostitution/sex work. This speech demonstrates that an essential basis of the anti-prostitution/anti-trafficking sensibility is sexual repression of, rather than assistance for women. This clip would make an interesting discussion piece in the context of anti-trafficking analysis.

Laura Agustín explains the relationships of anti-trafficking and this type of feminism well in a 2007 WBAI interviewleftbusinessobserver.com/Radio.html#071115 at 30:27.

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